Procedures of Guidance for Stoping and Cleaning HSL-540 Cement Mortal Pump Machine

  1. To ensure the aggregate of cement and sand in the mixer is completely pushed into the roundhopper.
  2. To shut down the mixer.
  3. To clean-up the inside of the mixer drum with pure water.
  4. To shut down the vibration motor and then to dismantle the hopper mesh and keep aside.
  5. After the roundhopper has completely delivered the entire cement mixture, please shut it down immediately. To remove all the balance cement/sand mixture inside the roundhopper as soon as possible as the mixture tends to harden very rapidly fast. (Note: To monitor closely the speed of delivery of the cement mixture via the delivery tube as if it operate too fast, it may cause air traps to form inside and this may cause the cement mixture to harden along the tube.
  6. To ensure all the cement and sand mixture in the roundhopper is pumped out completely before shutting down the main engine. (Note: If the delivery speed is too slow, it may cause air traps to form inside the iron tube. This may cause the cement and sand mixture to harden and block the iron tube.)
  7. To use sponge balls and clean-up the delivery and iron tubes. To ensure the sponge balls are inserted into the tubes next. (Note: If sponge balls are not in used for the cleaning process, the iron tubes may not be flushed properly and the cement and sand still trapped inside therefore it may block the tube.)
  8. To use water and clean the inside of the roundhopper drum. The water with balance cement mortar shall be drained out through the hopper pipe. To ensure the cement mixture is drained out completely, as if it is not properly drained it may harden and block the pipe.
  9. Require a maximum of 3 sponge balls must be used during each cleaning-up session. The balls are inserted at average intervals of 10 seconds for each ball. After the 3rd ball flushes out from the pipe, the engine is requested to switch off right away.
  10. After completion cleaning up the inside part of the roundhopper and the pipes, install it back at its original position and therefore the daily cleaning process is duly completed.