Procedures of Guidance for Operating the HSL-540 Cement Mortar Pump Machine On-Site

  1. To turn on all the switches within the main engine unit.
  2. To ensure the incoming power supply is 3phase with 415v by verifying the display indicator with their instruction adhere to.
  3. To turn on the mixer unit and ensure the mixer arm is turning in an anticlockwise direction.
  4. To turn on the roundhopper unit and ensure the hopper arm and knife-blade is moving at 360 degrees without any stoppage and/or interruption.
  5. The mixer unit is now ready to operate and/or interruption with cement and sand mixture. The premix process with operation of material is shown in the Illustration 1 below.

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  6. To prepare 4 Litres of lubricant and set aside for usage later. (To produce the lubricant by mixing cement and water, or white cement paste, or mortar plasticizing additives.)
  7. To add 20 Litres of clean water into the round hopper.
  8. To turn on the main engine unit for about 1 minute and pump/flush out the water from the hopper unit.
  9. To turn on the vibration motor when the water in the hopper which is almost drained out and then pour the 4 Litres of lubricant prepared earlier into the roundhopper net and allow let it to flow into the hopper unit.
  10. When the lubricant is almost drained out, you are requested immediately to pour in the premixed mortar cement from inside the mixer unit and allow to flow into the hopper mesh with the vibration motor is indicate ON thereby signalling for operation.
  11. To ensure the entire cement mortar mixture flows into the hopper before closing-up the back cap.
  12. The mixture process flow is shown as per diagram 2. The process is continued until the requirement amount of plastering cement is perfectly mixed.

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