Procedures of Guidance for HSL-540 Cement Mortal Pump Installation and Setting

  1. During installation the cement mortar pump machine to be located at the specific construction site, please ensure that the setting area is even and the mortar pump must be placed on a piece of plywood with measurement 10’ X 10’ X 0.5’ in size, provided by the rental or purchase owner.
  2. The cement mortar pump machine, cement, sand and water piping must be placed as shown in the illustration in picture 1 and 2 below.

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  3. For cement mortar pump machine to be placed in housing, please refer to the illustration in picture 3 as per enclosed.
  4. The wiring connections for the mixer and the round hopper with vibration motor are indicated as follows:
    1. Mixer                 – M > M
    2. Round Hopper     – H > H
    3. Vibrator Motor     – V > V
    4. Incoming Power Supply – E > E
  5. General Technical Specifications.
    1. Main Power Supply
      • Distance between the switch box and the machinery must not exceed 30 meters.
      • Ensure switch box is ELCB 30A type.
      • Switch box must be water proof.
      • Power supply must be 3 phase 415v
      • Earth wire line must be properly connected in accordance to the instructions.
    2. Power Generator
      • Minimum 25KVA power generator.
      • Distance between power generator and main engine must not exceed 30 meters.