Procedures of Guidance for Cleaning of HSL-540 Cement Mortal Pump Machine When Malfunction

Method A

  1. To press the reverse button at the main engine unit. The delivery tube will now absorb back all the cement mortar mixture into the roundhopper. (This process will take about 10 seconds) After this process immediately shut down the main engine unit.
  2. To insert the sponge balls into the end of the delivery tube right away. (Ensure the cement mortar mixture does not leak back into the tube.)
  3. To unlock the clamp at the roundhopper and remove the delivery tube from the roundhopper unit. Do not open the other side of the tube which is attached to the plastering main engine unit.
  4. To prepare a drum of 200 litre standby water.
  5. To immerse the delivery tube into the drum of water.
  6. To switch on the plastering main engine and the action will pump the water into the iron tube.
  7. To act immediately and insert the sponge balls through the delivery tube which is continuously pumping water into the iron tube. The sponge balls will clean the iron tube simultaneously.
  8. To pump in 4 litres of lubricant and then reattach the delivery pipe onto the roundhopper and lock it. To remove the sponge balls from the roundhopper mouthing.
  9. Finally, to switch back the reverse (by pressing it) back to normal after completion of the blockage cleaning process and continue with the pumping operation process.

Method B

  1. To shut down both the plastering machine main engine unit and the roundhopper unit.
  2. To place the sponge balls inside the tube mouthing and avoid the cement mortar mixture from spilling out.
  3. To remove the hopper tube that is attached to the roundhopper unit and clean it with clean water. Please keep it in a safe place whereby next to the roundhopper unit.
  4. To clean the extruding tube which is attached to the main engine unit. The cleaning process is carried by pumping water continueing to remove all the cement mortar mixture remained inside the tube.
  5. To dismantle all the iron tubes and delivery tubes and clean up inside all the tubes. To ensure that there is no more hardened cement mortar mixture blocking the tube. Upon the cleaning process is completed and to reassemble the tubes for operation.
  6. To install back the hopper tube which is attached to the main engine unit.
  7. To place the sponge balls into the delivery tube through the opening end.
  8. To continue the cleaning process by executing item iv. to item ix. in Method A above until the cleaning process is fully satisfactory completed.