Poweron HSL-M5 – Lightweight & Cement Mortar Machine

Poweron HSL-M5 is multi-purpose lightweight concrete machines with capability to mixes, spray and deliver cement mortar, deliver light weight grout, produce CLC lightweight brick, build foam concrete wall and etc. It is advanced version of HSL-540 Mortar/ Concrete Pump System.

Poweron HSL-M5 Functionalities
  • Mixes concrete automatically
  • Manage to spray cement mortar/concrete on wall
  • Manage to deliver cement mortar/concrete on floor
  • Manage to deliver water from a location to another location
  • Manage to pump lightweight grout into unbalance concrete floor
  • Manage to produce CLC lightweight brick
  • Manage to build foam concrete wall

  • High productivity
  • High efficiency
  • Reduce the labour cost
  • Simple control system
  • Production line mobility
  • Low production costing
  • Accurate measurement and delivery system

Full Set Accessories

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Replacement and Maintenance Accessories

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Maintenance Accessories

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