HSL-M5 – Full Set Accessories

Below is HSL-M5 full set accessories. You may visit http://www.hoshenlee.com/hsl-m5/ for information about HSL-M5 – Light Weight & Cement Mortar Machine.

Image Description Quantity
Mortar Pump Mortar Pump 1 Pc
Round Hopper Round Hopper 1 Pc
High Speed Mixer High Speed Mixer 1 Pc
conveyor Conveyor 1 Pc
Computer System Box Computer System Box 1 Pc
Weighing Tank Weighing Tank 1 Pc
Chemicals Stainless Steel Tank Chemicals Stainless Steel Tank 1 Pc
7.5m Delivery Tube #38mm 7.5m Delivery Tube #38mm 1 Pc
3m Iron Tube #38mm 3m Iron Tube #38mm 20 Pcs
2m Iron Tube #38mm 2m Iron Tube #38mm 1 Pc
90 Degree Iron Tube #38mm 90 Degree Iron Tube #38mm 3 Pcs
Hopper Tube 1.5m #38mm Hopper Tube 1.5m #38mm 1 Pc
4 Core Electrical Wire (max 30m) 4 Core Electrical Wire (max 30m) 1 Roll
Retaining Ring #38mm Retaining Ring #38mm 27 Pcs
Sponge Sponge 20 Pcs
Extruding Tube #38mm Extruding Tube #38mm 1 Pc
Spray Hopper Tube Spray Hopper Tube 1 Pc
Spray Gun Spray Gun 1 Pc

Poweron HSL-M5 – Mortar Pump System

Please visit link below for information about Poweron HSL-M5 – Light Weight & Cement Mortar Machine.

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