Poweron HSL-540 – Mortar Pump System

Mortar/Concrete Pump System, which mixes concrete automatically and sprays concrete to the target like wall and floor, and sends concrete from one location to another location. For example, from the ground floor to 30th floor of the building.

  • Mixes concrete automatically
  • Spray cement mortar/concrete
  • Deliver cement mortar/concrete
  • Deliver water

Why Mortar Pump System Better than Conventional Method?

Conventional Usage Mortar Pump System
  • The normal conventional operation by using manual mixture of sand and cement aggregates located at the ground level.
  • Upon completion of mixture, it will deliver to the locality by utilising an elevating machine being transported by hand with a trolly.
  • The overall operation is extremely slow and cost fatigue, beyond expectation and will incur unforeseen expenses.
  • Introducing a mechanical mortar pump up/down method to operate with well developed system that will improve the efficiency of producing immediate mortar for plastering at any building construction locality.
  • The mortar pump operated by 3-phase power supply or standby generator. Its automatic cut-off mixing of mortar process is immediate and deliver to the location site. The whole process is time saving with efficiency, safety limitation and well control of quality mortar.
Disadvantages Advantages
  • Require more labours to operate.
  • Manually plaster is not complete level, therefore it may create natural hairline crack.
  • It will affect the delay of construction schedule whereby it may incur unexpected building cost.
  • To provide less manual labours.
  • Cement mortar pump mechanical operation with balancing mixture of aggregates is perfect setting and reducing hairline crack.
  • The building work achieves on schedule with better and competent workmanship

Machines of Mortar Pump System

Image Description Quantity
Mortar Pump Mortar Pump 1 Pc
Round Hopper Round Hopper 1 Pc
Mixer Mixer 1 Pc

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