HSL-540 – Replacement Accessories

Below is HSL-540 replacement accessories. You may visit http://hoshenlee.com/hsl-540/ for information about HSL-540 – Mortar Pump System.

Code Image Description
AC-ET Extruding Tube #38mm Extruding Tube for Main Pump (Mortar Pump)
AC-RRR Retaining Ring Rubber Retaining Ring Rubber
AC-SPG Sponge Sponge for Cleaning Tube

Poweron HSL-540 – Mortar Pump System

Please visit link below for information about Poweron HSL-540 – Mortar Pump System.

Full Set Accessories

Please visit link below for information about full set accessories.

Replacement and Maintenance Accessories

Replacement Accessories

Maintenance Accessories

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