Centerbulb Profile

Internal for Expansion Joint

Ribbed with Centerbulb
This waterstop can be used in many different function and activities. It can be used in movements such as lateral, transverse and shear. Larger centerbulbs can accommodate larger movements.

Internal for Expansion Joint

Dumbbell with Centerbulb
This joint is suitable for lateral, transverse and the shear movements. Normally ribbed shapes have better sealing characteristics.

Available Products

Code Roll Length Size
HSL C150 20M
HSL C200 20M
HSL C250 20M
HSL CD150 15M
HSL CD230 15M
HSL CVB150 15M
HSL CVB230 15M
HSL CV150 15M
HSL CV230 15M
HSL CT230 20M
HSL CT320 15M
HSL CU320 15M

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