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Why the extruded PVC corner beadings for angle perfection are in high-demand by the local and foreign building industries today. They respond so encouraging because these extruded PVC corner beadings of nominal cost not only stabling the perfect angle position effectively for cement mortar plastering trades to achieve competent workmanship incurring lower expenditure cost when performing their individual plastering work that may not necessary require directive site supervision.

As a manufacturer began operation in the year 2002 of the said products, we continue and have expanded our factory to focusing more new profiles development to solve various plastering concepts being launched by the new trend and unique design of environmentally architectural buildings. Please refer to our code designates with its illustration identifying the suitability for each and every angle perfection requirement.

To commemorate our completion of our new factory located nearby the former premises after ten years non-stop production, we take this great opportunity to extend our sincere thanks to our past and present valuable clients by developing more and added value profiles to compliment and upgrade our pioneer production lines. To integrate the future angle perfection of cement mortar plastering, we continue to focus the future standardization practice to be aimed by the building industry.

To ensure your continue recognition with your trusted confidence of our products manufactured locally, all our extruded PVC corner beadings are physically tested by SIRIM in April 2007 and followed up this year August 2012 with ISO 9001 : 2008 certificate endorsement of quality international standard products.

Quality Certificates

On behalf of our company, we extend our appreciation for your witnessing the growth and contribution of our business that enable us to participate the high demand in the building progressive industry.